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The purpose of the Legal Security Fund is to provide support to the injured party who needs to bring his case to the courts. The fund can guarantee the costs of the court process. Only guarantees are paid for expenses that exceed those covered by other schemes, such as legal aid insurance or free legal aid. Whether the case is given support is assessed on the basis of the Fund’s statutes, among other things, an assessment theme will be whether the case is of principle importance. You can search by top injury lawyer near me there. Choosing the best lawyers is important. Before choosing a lawyer, look at the website they provide a free consultation for any type of injury.

To apply for support from the Fund, you must be a member of the Personal Injury Association. Your lawyer should assist with an application for a guarantee, explaining the dispute and the reasons that warrant the process to the extent necessary. The costs associated with the preparation of the application to the Fund are not covered by the guarantee obligation. The best and the most educated lawyer can actually make you come up with the best deal.

Call The Police?

The police only intervene if there are injuries (in some cases, only if the injuries are not negligible). So if there is only car damage, after taking the other driver’s details, you can walk away. Conversely, if there is damage to people, it is the obligation of both drivers to wait for the arrival of the agents who will draft the report. You are not entitled to a copy there, but you can request it at a later time by going to the relevant command. The use of the law firm comes perfect there.

What To Do In The Emergency Room?

You should know that according to a recent reform of the Insurance Code, you are not entitled to compensation for biological damage if physical injuries are not ascertained either by instrumental examinations for example rays or ultrasound or by an emergency room doctor. That’s why you’ll need to pay close attention to this step.

Report all the symptoms you feel and have your discharge certificate released with your prognosis: you will then need it with insurance. From this moment on, keep all the receipts for medicines or rehabilitation therapies. Choose the best law firms for the solutions of such problems.

When To File The Accident Report

The Civil Code says that you only have three days to report the accident, unless you demonstrate an objective impossibility think of the case of an injured patient hospitalized. This is a very short term which, however, is not interpreted strictly by judges.

According to the Cassation, if you also delay but do not intend to defraud the insurance, you will not suffer any consequences. Only willful misconduct, in fact, cannot only make you lose the compensation but even entail the revenge of your company which, hypothetically, has been forced to pay compensation to the other party. The best attorneys are here for your support.

Road Accident: Do I Hire A Lawyer?

At this point, let’s move on to the practical ways of obtaining damages. If the accident occurred between two cars only (or in any case, in the presence of several cars, the responsibility is to be attributed to one driver only), the damage is paid according to the so-called direct compensation procedure. In practice, both you and any passengers present in your car will have to make a claim for compensation to your own company which will then claim on that of the manager. For the personal option this is important.

The Whole Process Takes Place According To Clearly Defined Moments:

  • Send the claim report by registered mail to the claims settlement center or by letter delivered to your insurer by hand,
  • Sending all claims documentation to the claims settlement center: from photos to first aid report,
  • Wait for the insurance to contact you in order to have the car checked by a technician and, if you have been injured, you too can be examined by a coroner,
  • At the outcome of the consultation, wait for the insurance to be confirmed (within a maximum of 90 days) that will propose the compensation measure.

Know that you can hire a lawyer to handle the whole process. Usually, lawyers are paid by the company and thus withhold their fee from compensation. In practice, the injured party pays nothing. Some professionals, however, ask for “something more”, for example a percentage of 20% of the total compensation amount. Have the best legal supports now.

Entrusting the practice to the lawyer guarantees you a margin of technicality in the management of the accident that you may not have. And it’s very important when the damage is high. The best legal help is underway there.

What To Do If The Insurance Doesn’t Want To Pay You?

If the company denies you compensation, you just have to sue. In truth, it is not you who has to do it, but your lawyer to whom you will have to give a mandate and an advance, at least to cover the legal costs.

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